Welcome to Urban Dead Dumbwit!

This is a tool similar to iWitness and other screenshot tools. Its primary advantage over the others is it shouldn't completely break when game updates are made, and it supports most of the major addons.

To use Dumbwit, drag this link to your Bookmarks bar (don't click it here). Then when you're on an Urban Dead page, you can click on it to save a screenshot. You can use the first for main screenshots and the second for profiles.

Note: Recent (as of 5/14/2017) versions of Chrome seem to have broken the comment popup. I've tweaked the bookmarklet such that there's an intersitial page for the comment. This will work in all browsers but isn't strictly necessary for Fx, but if you prefer it you can use it.

Dumbwit (Chrome, others if desired)



Note: Now working with Internet Explorer 7, 8, and 9! Thanks to Chet for the fix. Any comments, questions, suggestions, answers, or general whatevers can be sent to me at scott (at sign) iamscott (dot thingy) net . If you have an addon that breaks dumbwit or doesn't look right, drop me a line with a link to the addon, a jpg-style screenshot (so I can see what it's supposed to look like), and a link to the dumbwit that didn't work and I'll see about adding support for it.