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West Boundwood [37,7] (wiki, DSS)

SteveApplegate penvseniy
You are Hardukr+. You have 25 Hit Points and 10397 Experience Points. You have 25 Action Points remaining. Max AP tomorrow at 06:00:00 AM.
Your safehouse is Giddings Mall, 48 blocks east and 35 south.

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World Map
You are inside St Wulfstan's Church. The floor is flecked with fresh blood. The building has been very strongly barricaded. Also here are SteveApplegater+ (50) and penvseniyr+ (5).

A portable generator has been set up here. It is out of fuel. The aisles of the church have been been decorated with a conceptual painting, a cubist sculpture, a blown-glass sculpture, a torn painting, a glass bowl, an antique mirror, a glass statue and a contemporary painting.

There is a dead body here.

You say "gun maintenance is really important, it prevents all kinds of troublesome things like jamming and even misfires. I clean and service my weapons regularly, so there never is goes of accidentally... "

Possible actions:


Inventory (click to use):

3 × (0, 0, 2) → 2
6 × (1, 1, 1, 2, 2, 2) → 9
20 × → 120

You are 92% encumbered.

(0 AP)