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South Blythville [27,75] (wiki, DSS)

2 survivors
Your safehouse is Club Wricht, 5 blocks west and 6 north.
South Blythville
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You are inside Club Penfold. Coloured spotlights highlight an empty stage, and distorted music echoes over the speakers. The building has been very strongly barricaded. Also here are Chance FortunePSKATMBr+ (60) and zed proPSKATMBr+ (60).

A portable generator has been set up here. It is running, and powering a radio transmitter that's currently set to 27.66 MHz. The stage has been decorated with two abstract paintings.

Somebody has spraypainted Scalps - 212: Alice Swine onto a wall.

There is a dead body here. It's a puke covered bumPSKATMBr-.

You bite a puke covered bum for 1 damage. They die.

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