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Pitneybank (wiki)

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You are JR BobDobbsr+. You have 40 Hit Points and 10199 Experience Points. You have 11 Action Points remaining.
Your safehouse is Brimblecombe Auto Repair, 14 blocks east and 29 south.

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World Map

Enabled: colorizing, corpses + zombies, inventory combiner, HP colorizing.

Disabled: safe mode.

Currently using E:\My Documents\Urban dead\UDTool list.txt

Use Tools->UDTool to load or modify a list, or enable or disable features, etc.

You are inside Fort Creedy gatehouse, standing beneath an overhang from the military complex's main wall. The gates leading out into the city have been quite strongly barricaded. There is a crowd of 76 survivors gathered here. [list names]

A portable generator has been set up here. It is running. The building has been decorated with a length of tinsel and a cremation urn.

Somebody has spraypainted I HAVE SEEN THEM onto a wall.

There are two dead bodies here.

You fire your shotgun at Firemen Blaze for 10 damage. Their flak jacket absorbs 2 points of that damage. They die.

Possible actions:


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You are 62% encumbered.

(0 AP)