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North Blythville [26,64] (wiki, DSS)

Mr'Surv1v0r Nofadan St Toxic Whispering Feathers JR BobDobbs ...
You are radical whigr-. You have 30 Hit Points and 7430 Experience Points. You have 41 Action Points remaining.
You have no safehouse set.

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You are inside Dear Street Police Dept. Thick trails of blood are smeared across the walls and floor. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here are Mr'Surv1v0rr- (48), Nofadanr- (50), St Toxicr- (50), Whispering Feathersr- (50), JR BobDobbsr- (60) and Eugene Fraxbyr- (50).

Somebody has spraypainted Beware Mr Watt. He is a prolific PKer. onto a wall.

There is a dead body here.

Since your last turn:

  • JR BobDobbsr- said "Holy crap! You can smell the Whalberger through the walls. That's it. This place is just irredeemably pink." (5 minutes ago)
  • JR BobDobbsr- killed Wizzmed with a pistol. (5 minutes ago)
  • Eugene Fraxbyr- said "[insert kill speech here]" (1 minute ago)
  • Eugene Fraxbyr- killed Devrij with a pistol. (1 minute ago)

You fire your shotgun at Mr'Surv1v0r for 10 damage. Their flak jacket absorbs 2 points of that damage. They drop to 48 HP.

Possible actions:


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You are 84% encumbered.

(0 AP)