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Lerwill Heights

Boom8426 txeyen digiboy131 Jorgamoundr Raving Lunatic ...
You are JR BobDobbsr+. You have 30 Hit Points and 3598 Experience Points. You have 19 Action Points remaining.
Your safehouse is Brimblecombe Auto Repair, 65 blocks east and 18 south.

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Lerwill Heights
World Map
You are inside Tarasius General Hospital, one of the city's psychiatric hospitals. The building has been loosely barricaded. Also here are Boom8426r+ (50HP), txeyenr+ (60HP), digiboy131r+ (50HP), Jorgamoundrr+ (50HP), Raving Lunaticr+ (60HP), yurrdr+ (60HP), CavReconr+ (50HP), SantaCruzDeadr+ (60HP), Xnaughtr+ (60HP), Firefighter Finnr+ (60HP), Xalothnir+ (60HP), Phillip Cottonsworthr+ (60HP), Doctor 21r+ (60HP), Vulture Eyer+ (50HP), SK200r+ (60HP), El Perro Bomberor+ (60HP), xuanwur+ (60HP), EveryDayOutlawr+ (60HP), Wonbergerr+ (50HP), Yollers P Ballinr+ (50HP), redqar+ (50HP), zombronyr+ (50HP), Elias Barnesr+ (60HP), Logic and Reasonr+ (60HP), Bran Raineyr+ (60HP), ForemoleDinnnr+ (30HP), hibernaculumr+ (30HP) and v4porr- (60HP).

Christmas lights decorate the room, but the building has no power. One of the wards has been decorated with a stuffed moose head, two conceptual paintings, a conceptual sculpture, a stuffed alligator, a stuffed fish and a stuffed tiger head.

Somebody has spraypainted 1111 HQ, cades at EHB onto a wall.

There are three dead bodies here.

You fire your pistol at Rick Fury for 5 damage. Their flak jacket absorbs 1 point of that damage. They die.

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