Mon Sep 26 00:45:04 -0400 2011:
Richmond Hills [37,33]

You are JR BobDobbs. You have 30 Hit Points and 1305 Experience Points. You have 22 Action Points remaining.
Your safehouse is the Loveless Building, 10 blocks east and 24 north.

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Richmond Hills
World Map
You are inside Edgcumbe Cinema, a recent horror film playing on its main screen. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here is Raaaaaaalphy (30HP).

A portable generator has been set up here. It is running.

Somebody has spraypainted Welcome to Richmond Hills - ЯHR - onto a wall.

There is a dead body here. It's Choadie Foster.

You fire your pistol at Choadie Foster for 5 damage. They die.

Possible actions:


Inventory (click to use):


You are 72% encumbered.

(0 AP)