Tue Jul 19 16:43:09 -0400 2011:
Wyke Hills [56,96]

dangeroussteve sigmund amenhauser Alexis Cordingly illwind Buebert ...
You are SoloDogScoutr+. You have 60 Hit Points and 7593 Experience Points. You have 39 Action Points remaining.
Your safehouse is the Needs Building, here.

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You are in your safehouse at the Needs Building. The NecroTech logo glows gently above the front desk, and doors open onto a number of brightly-lit laboratories and computer rooms. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here are dangerousstever+ (50HP), sigmund amenhauserr- (60HP), Alexis Cordinglyr+ (60HP), illwindr- (60HP), Buebertr- (60HP), Potmaanr+ (60HP), petite filler- (60HP), Jack's Mommyr- (59HP), Peekfreensr+ (60HP), Bravo Brownr+ (60HP), MyPasswordIsJellyr+ (60HP) and DaveMingerr- (50HP).

A portable generator has been set up here. It is running, and powering a radio transmitter that's currently set to 26.84 MHz. The building has been decorated with an abstract painting, a glass bowl, a glass table, two impressionist sculptures, a European painting, a glass statue and a European sculpture.

Somebody has spraypainted http://tinyurl.com/illhand onto a wall.

Since your last turn:

  • Buebertr+ said "Oooohhh the Roomba has a story now? Let me try. (helps build a pillow fort for safety and grabs a flashlight and root beer float) O.O "€¦Once upon a time there was an old factory that wanted to have a baby but couldn"€™t." (15 hours and 44 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said "So she went to a mysterious scientist who lived on the outside of town to get some help. The scientist gave her a magical blueprint that he told her to put on the workbench in her belly." (15 hours and 43 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said "She did so and when she woke up, she had given birth to a robotic vacuum cleaner. But the factory was still not happy because the Roomba was useless. It only picked up small stuff and kept getting stuck in the corner." (15 hours and 43 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said " So the factory went back to the scientist to complain. She had a factory warrantee. The scientist, who feared the evil wizard refundus, said we can rebuild him! We have the technology!" (15 hours and 43 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said "so he suped up the little Roomba and made him faster and stronger and taught him to find his way out of corners. The factory was happy and sent her baby to live with his uncle NT because she never actually wanted to raise him." (15 hours and 42 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said " But something went wrong and the Roomba was struck by lightning and became evil. Now he lurks the passageways of this very building even now stealing busted generator parts for his fiendish plan." (15 hours and 42 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said "Some say, when the generator is on, you can hear him making sucking sounds and plotting and calling to his squirrel friends. Always watching. Always hungry. (hides himself in the pillow fort and sips on his root beer float)" (15 hours and 42 minutes ago) ...and again. (15 hours and 36 minutes ago)
  • Buebertr+ said "Oh yeah and illwind, doc sent us a picture for you to help you find your hand. I put it on the wall. (disappears back in the fort. more sipping)" (15 hours and 35 minutes ago)
  • The lights came on inside a warehouse. (8 hours and 5 minutes ago)
  • Jack's Mommyr+ said "oh, poor little Roomba. I'm sure he's just misunderstood. *searches for more pillow*" (3 hours and 8 minutes ago)

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