West Boundwood

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You are Lord Pendragon and you are infected. You have 51 Hit Points and 154 Experience Points. You have 22 Action Points remaining.
You have no safehouse set.

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Enabled: colorizing, corpses + zombies, inventory combiner, HP colorizing.

Disabled: safe mode.

Currently using C:\Users\Aerthos\Documents\UD-MaverickFarrant.txt

Use Tools->UDTool to load or modify a list, or enable or disable features, etc.

You are inside St Columba's Hospital, its lobby covered with quarantine posters. The floor is flecked with fresh blood. The doors to the street have been left wide open. Also here is acidrayne (55HP).

Somebody has spraypainted @@#%%%ed @@d @%d#d #% #h@ %@# - Fi%@ti*# for %#%# onto a wall. The graffiti has been obscured by smears of gore.

Since your last turn:

  • A zombie dragged ShiningPantaloons out into the street. (58 seconds ago)
  • A zombie bit into you for 4 damage. (42 seconds ago)
  • The zombie's bite was infected! (You'll now take 1HP damage for every action you take, except speaking. Infection can be cured with a first aid kit.) (42 seconds ago)
  • A zombie dragged Artemis Rosvos out into the street. (16 seconds ago)

You say "O Rose thou art sick. / The invisible worm, / That flies in the night / In the howling storm:"

Possible actions:


Inventory [43/51 weight] (click to use):

(28.07 MHz)

You are 100% encumbered.

(0 AP)