You are Psychotic Pantomime. You have 60 Hit Points and 2192 Experience Points. You have 11 Action Points remaining.

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Hover your mouse cursor over a player to load profile data.

Enabled: colorizing, corpses + zombies, inventory combiner, HP colorizing.

Disabled: safe mode, zombie tracker.

Currently using C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\Desktop\zergercontactlist.txt

Use Tools->UDTool to load or modify a list, or enable or disable features, etc.

You are inside a factory. The floor is flecked with fresh blood. The building has been extremely heavily barricaded. Also here is Helios13+ (60HP).

A portable generator has been set up here. It only has a little fuel left.

Somebody has spraypainted EHB Priority 2 Building. onto a wall.

There is a dead body here.

You attack Frank Doyle for 2 damage. They die.

Possible actions:


Inventory [30/51 weight] (click to use):

(27.50 MHz)(27.55 MHz)

You are 76% encumbered.

(0 AP)